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Season Pass  - Himayat - 4 Weeks

Season Pass - Himayat - 4 Weeks

  • Season pass: Enjoy one box of Himayat every week for 4 weeks.
  • Each box weighs between 2.9-3.2 kg gross.
  • Order once and relax as we will take responsibility for delivery.
  • Home delivery only, no pickup option available.
  • Fresh box every week/shipment.
  • If you need more, order multiple passes.
  • Kindly note that the weights given are gross weights-Net weight is 2.5 kgs.
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  • Season Pass - Himayat - 4 boxes in 4 weeks

    1 Box of Himayat delivered every week for 4 weeks.

    Himayat is also known as "Imam Pasand."  This is an exotic variety of mango that was highly liked by the queen of England. The Himayat mango is widely considered to be one of the best mangoes in India. It can be eaten as is or used in desserts such as cakes, ice cream, or custards. Its beautiful shape and distinct aroma also make it a great showpiece on the table.

    Each Himayat mango weighs 300 grams or more and has a beautiful, smooth oval shape at maturity. When properly harvested and ripened, the fruit has a fibre-less, silky flesh with a deep, sweet flavour and distinct citrus overtones. The sweet aroma of the Himayat mango is also very distinctive and can fill a room.

    Comparisons to other mango varieties are often pointless when it comes to the Himayat mango, also known as Imam Pasand. This mango has a unique flavour and cultural significance, hailing from Tamil Nadu but nurtured by the Nawabs of Hyderabad in their orchards. If you're looking for a premium-quality mango with a truly distinctive flavour and cultural significance, the Himayat is an excellent choice.

    P.S: Each box weighs Gross 2.9-3.2 kg 

    Mango looses weight in transit.  Only Home Delivery

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