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Pedda Rasalu

Pedda Rasalu



  • Delivery of pre-orders will depend on the harvesting of each variety and on first come first serve basis and starts around 27th of April.
  • Pedda Rasaal is a juicy mango variety that hails from the Telugu states of South India
  • It is big in size and boasts a delightful combination of sweetness and tanginess
  • When ripe, the Pedda Rasaal Exotic takes on a greenish-yellow hue and emits a sweet aroma
  • Its fibrous texture makes it ideal for extracting juice, which can be enjoyed in a variety of ways
  • Freeze the juice for a year-round supply or pair it with your favourite breakfast items like chapatis, pooris, and dosas for a deliciously sweet and tangy twist.
  • Each box weighs 2.9 to 3.1 kg gross. The other variant is of 1.5 kg gross.
  • Mangoes are considered ripe when they are yellowish-green, soft to the touch, and emit a sweet aroma.
  • Mangoes can ripen during transit, and for outstation deliveries, they can turn from raw to semi-ripe or ripe, while for Hyderabad deliveries, they are likely to be semi-ripe to ripe.
  • Do not put mangoes in the fridge before they fully ripen
  • Mangoes are perishable, so read the return policy carefully
  • Delicate fruit, which may damage during transit.
  • Kindly note that the weights given are gross weights-Net weight is 2.5 kgs.
  • The Pedda Rasaal mango is bigger in size and has a sweet and tangy taste. They are greenish-yellow when unripe and bright yellow when ripe, with juicy, fibrous pulp that is ideal for extracting juice. The juice can be frozen for year-round consumption or enjoyed with breakfast items like chapatis, pooris, and dosas for a sweet and tangy flavour.
    Their pulp is fibrous and juicy, with a beautiful orange-yellow colour, making it perfect for juice extraction. It has a unique taste, with a perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess, making it a popular choice for juice lovers. 


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