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Alphonso Exotic

Alphonso Exotic

  • Next batch delivery every Wednesday/Thursday.
  • The Alphonso mango holds the title of "king of mangoes."
  • Alphonso Exotic is from Ratnagir and typically weigh between 180 gm-260 gm and are round in shape. 
  • A box contain 12 pieces of Alphonso mangoes. The other variant is Half dozen.
  • The mangoes are yellow when ripe with a green tinge.
  • They are sweet when consumed and have a good shelf life, and can be refrigerated after ripening.
  • The mangoes should never be refrigerated before ripening.
  • They are best for making ice creams.
  • Alphonso

    Alphonse mango, also known as Alphonso, which is considered the "king of Mangoes." This Indian dessert mango originates from Goa and is widely regarded as one of the finest varieties available.

    Each Alphonse mango weighs around 200 grams and has an ovate-oblique shape. The fruit can be green or a bright yellow, depending on environmental conditions. Alphonse mangoes are uniform in shape and mildly sweet, which gives them a European flavor. They are ideal for use in ice creams and milkshakes.

    However, it is worth noting that Alphonso mangoes inherently have a soft tissue problem where the fruit may appear good from the outside, but when cut, it is partially soggy inside. This is a natural predicament with Alphonso mangoes, and as the fruit is good from the outside, any damages resulting from this issue cannot be refunded or replaced.

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