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Banginapally Mango


  • Delivery of pre-orders will depend on the harvesting of each variety and on first come first serve basis starts around 20th April.
  • Also known as Benishan or Safeda.
  • Sweet and tangy flavour
  • Each box weighs between 2.9 to 3.10 kg gross. The other variant is of 1.5 kg gross.
  • Contains an average of 5-7 fruits
  • Each fruit weighs between 400gm to 800gm
  • Handpicked and packed to ensure freshness and quality
  • Perfect for making mango shakes, smoothies, and desserts or as a healthy snack.
  • Carefully selected and packed in semi-ripe condition for maximum freshness
  • Mangoes can ripen during transit, and for outstation deliveries, they can turn from raw to semi-ripe or ripe, while for Hyderabad deliveries, they are likely to be semi-ripe to ripe.
  • Mangoes are considered ripe when they are yellowish, soft to the touch, and emit a sweet aroma.
  • To enjoy the full flavour and texture, do not refrigerate until mangoes have ripened.
  • Once ripe, store in the refrigerator to prolong shelf life
  • Mangoes are perishable, and we have a strict return policy kindly refer to our return policy.
  • Order today and enjoy the delicious taste of summer!
  • Banginapally, also known as Alampur Baneshan, is a type of dessert mango originating from the Andhra Pradesh region of South India. It is widely considered one of the finest dessert mangoes in the country, known for its large size ranging between 300 to 800 grams and its delicious flavor.

    The skin of the Banginapally mango is green and turns to a golden yellow as it ripens, with characteristic corky dots covering the fruit surface. This fruit is relatively uncommon outside of India, making it a truly desi delicacy. If you're looking for a premium-quality dessert mango with a unique flavor and texture, Banginapally is an excellent choice.

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