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Hand made - Cheese

Hand made - Cheese


In 1988 LA FERME CHEESE started to develop several types of artisanal cheeses for the citizens of Auroville, a community experiment based on the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Traditional methods are adapted to the conditions of the South Indian climate, taking into account Western hygienic standards and concerns for a clean environment. For instance: our pasteurization and heating are partly done on biogas. Our milk is sourced from farms in Auroville (including our own dairy) and from farms and households in surrounding villages, whose milk is monitored daily by La Ferme Cheese for top quality. No milk is sourced from intensive farming.

The electricity used to run the factory is fully provided by an Auroville unit operating a wind mill park.  At present our staff consists of Indians and Westerners, including professional cheese makers from Europe. Using natural ingredients only, we produce about 60 kg of artisanal, handmade cheeses in over twelve varieties.  All our cheeses contain only natural cow and goat milk, salts, vegetarian enzymes and seasoning cultures.  We do not use preservatives, artificial flavours and colours. Nor do we use emulsifiers - used in mass produced brand cheeses to retain moisture and fat. Such additions affect the natural taste and texture of cheese. It is this approach which honours both the authentic texture and taste of our traditional farm cheese, and guarantees the natural balance of vitamins, rich proteins and natural milk fat which gives cheese its

unique characteristics.

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