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Frequently Asked Questions


  • We are a small family-owned mango farm near Yadadri , Hyderabad. The farm is first generation and started by us Organically.  Managed by Woman Farmer, Ex-NRI, Ex-SBI Officer and Post graduate in Lt.  Farming is done purely out of passion for nature to produce the finest quality of mangoes. AR4 Family is extensively involved with day-to-day activities at the farm. 
  • We realized soon that producing best mangoes will not serve the purpose, hence opted for e-commerce to reach customers directly with the motto “From our farm to your home”.
  • We are utilizing technology and experience to reach out to thousands of satisfied customers across the Globe.
  • Our dedication to specialized customer service has helped us create a brand for Mangoes across India and USA.  We want you to be delighted—from your first click to your last bite.
  • Based on customer demand we have included other exotic seasonal fruits and staples that suits you.  We source them from across the country.
  • Shop online for the finest handpicked farm fresh mangoes/fruits/staple delivered right to your doorstep. Chemical Free. 100% satisfaction guarantee with hassle-free deliveries. 

It’s simple.

  • Order from App or from Website
  • Select from our choice of Mango/Fruits/Groceries.
  • Choose suitable plan & pay online
  • Sit back, relax & we’ll bring the finest mangoes and Exotic Fruits to your doorstep as & when they are best for harvest.
  • You can gift your loved ones in America and we’ll deliver at their doorstep.
  • Orders can be placed online from any part of the WORLD and gifts shall be delivered to your loved ones in India/America.
  • You download our APP "AR4Fresh" and order online.
  • Bulk orders you can contact us on +919010101112.  Provide us the list we will deliver on your behalf.

It’s really fresh. Mangoes are plucked every few days and it may take 5-10 days for mature mangoes to ripen, depending on the variety. The ripe mangoes can be identified by their change in color, aroma, and softness. They are shipped when semi-ripe for you to relish them at their best.

Seasonal fruits are procured once in a week and mostly our deliveries are on Tuesday/Wed based on harvest.  We bring you the fresh produce as much as possible

Post harvest process at AR4 is very stringent with Desapping, Hot water and Cold Water treatment to enhance finest naturally flavored mangoes. We follow old-fashioned traditional method of ripening mangoes. We pluck mature Mangoes and use hay and other approved methods to facilitate uniform ripening. An ideal temperature & relative humidity is maintained. We then pack them in cardboard boxes to ship it to the customers. Our ripening process does not include any chemicals. For USA we will be sending raw mangoes and they ripe enroute.
Yes. We follow best of Natural, Organic and Bio Dynamic processes. We used to have a certification. We have discontinued paying extra costs. We are growing organic and Biodynamic now as per our practices. All pesticides and fertilizers are prepared at the Farm only using Desi cows and assure you that all our produce is chemical free and grown using traditional methods. No hormones; antibiotics; artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colors; & other stuff you don’t want to feed your family are used. You can view the certificate here. All our fellow farmers practices strictly no chemicals. We test them using machine on sample bases to be on safe side and most of the cases we do have test reports.
All the mangoes sold on come from our family-owned-operated farms in Yadadri. Few exotic varieties like Alphonso, Langda, Cahausa, Azam us samar are sourced from the best organic farms of Maharashtra/AP/TS and UP in limited quantities.
We are located in Hyderabad in India. We have partnered with multiple businesses for pick-up locations. We plan to have pickup locations across India and USA. If you want to be part of it,let us know. Write to us on You can find our pick-up locations here
Different mangoes have different shelf lives. We grow nearly 22 varieties of Mangoes. We deliver mangoes that are slightly firm as they are less likely to bruise during transit and will continue to ripen. Packing is depending upon the country of the delivery. We pack as per APEDA Standards. All our mangoes are naturally ripened and will last longer than artificially ripened ones. You can either use grass or newspapers to further ripen the mangoes. Each box has an instruction sheet enclosed in the box with Storage & Ripening Tips.
Order once for the season and enjoy fresh fruits every week as per the schedule. A Season Pass is a single order placed for the season. We deliver 4/6/8 weeks different varieties or same variety of fresh mangoes every week. The Exotic Season Pass is a mix of Table (cut) & Juice varieties. The Premium Season Pass is a mix of only Table (cut) varieties. If you require multiple boxes in the week, you can place multiple season pass orders.
The difference is only the size of the mango. Quality & care is the same.
Storing them after plucking is not possible & sales cannot be planned after harvest. Different varieties are harvested at different intervals during the season, practically bookings cannot be opened partially as it leads to lots of confusion. We predict the harvest time & regularly update on the website. The mangoes are plucked only when they are mature & quality is our prime concern, hence the delay after booking (pre-booking).
Health is wealth & we strive to provide healthy fruits to our customers. We follow very stringent procedures from the caring of plants since monsoon to harvest where they are given optimum manures & replenished. We bag each mango on the tree to get high quality produce & is a labour intensive activity. Harvesting is done with utmost care & Post harvest- desapping, hot water treatment, cold water treatment, drying with cloth & then natural ripening for 5-7 days is labour intensive & occupies warehouse (which comes at a cost).
Our mangoes are mainly from our farms & at every stage from growing to harvesting strict supervision is maintained unlike other farms where they are leased out. Bagging of all mangoes is done which is a unique process followed in our farms in India. It enhances the quality, appearance & taste of the mangoes. Harvesting is critical for the taste of mango. We harvest them only when mature & every time only few fruits from a single tree are cut depending on the maturity.Whereas, in other farms a section of the farm or complete farm are harvested in one go irrespective of the maturity of mangoes. Post harvest process – Desapping, hot water treatment, drying are followed stringently for the complete crop. Natural ripening is adhered to unlike other farms where Carbide is used for instant ripening (only color change takes place). Packing is done as per International standards in aerated corrugated boxes with proper cushioning.
We provide cash back credit to your account based on your payment method. Use direct netbanking transfer or Gpay to avail this offer.We encourage our beloved customers to use Apps while ordering which is handy and then get reward in the form of coupons for the next purchase.
Anything above 50 Kgs are bulk orders. Bulk order differs from product to product. It is mostly B2B is bulk
Provide us the list and your personalized messages we will deliver on your behalf. We can customize bundles based on your requirement. We deliver in different places. Book upfornt and rest we will take care of it.


  • We ship to all major cities of India and USA.  We serve all FedEx locations. We also deliver in Hyderabad and Secunderabad. If your area of delivery is not in the areas listed, please get in touch with us here and we will try to accommodate your request if feasible.   WhatsApp: 9912340404
  • We deliver based on slot basis. It depends on the variety & first come, first serve basis as we harvest only mature mangoes for the best taste.
  • We will intimate by SMS and by Mail in advance.
  • We will credit/Refund in case we are not able to deliver due to any reason
Yes. We hired best in the business and has a cost to it. Most of the couriers do not deliver mangoes. Due to our association over 5 years and our packing standards FedEx delivers all our boxes. We want to provide the convenience of delivering mangoes at your doorstep. We charge FedEx charges on no-profit delivery charge & is location specific. You may check charges in shipping. We do not believe in hiking up the price of mangoes by including it the price tag. We are flexible and want customers to save as much as possible. You can opt for an in-store pickup from these locations and avoid a shipping fee. Being perishables, we opt for delivery by AIR which is costlier than road. Overseas, AIR freight from India is costlier & by SEA quality deteriorates.
Yes. You can opt for an in-store pickup from these locations and avoid a shipping fee.
We will call you to give you a heads-up well before delivery. In case, you are not available, our friendly team will be happy to reschedule the delivery. You can also let us know if you want to drop your box at your door or with the neighbors.
Being summer, it is vacation time. Please drop an mail to reschedule your delivery in India. Overseas deliveries depend on shipments. We will try to accommodate your delivery in the next shipment.
Yes! We deliver to homes, offices and stores. We also take bulk orders for corporate gifting, get in touch with us here.
You can reuse the packaging boxes. We strive to be environmentally friendly. If you do plan to reuse, All our boxes are recyclable. We care for the Mother Nature.
All deliveries are scheduled as per First come & First Serve basis. Priority delivery is available at a small fee in Hyderabad and depends on the availability of stock and feasibility of delivery. Feel free to get in touch with us when you place your order if you have any special delivery time requests, and we will do our best to accommodate them.
Yes.Once we ship we update your records with delivery tracking number and the same can be used to track the delivery. You will receive email mentioning the delivery tracking number.
Yes! We offer discount coupons. Like us on Facebook to receive offers.
Yes, we do export to other countries. If you want to import contacts us on
Unfortunately, our website does not yet allow customers to make changes or cancellations online. Please get in touch with us using one of the methods on our contact us page, and we will be happy to assist you.
We hope it never happens. But if it’s our fault, just call us and we will either replace or refund your order. Please get in touch with us using one of the methods on our contact us page, and we will be happy to assist you.
Fresh fruit brings wellness into the workplace, boosts morale, and increases productivity. A great seasonal surprise to show people that you care and reap benefits of goodwill, higher output, improved loyalty & employee retention. We can work to customize the gift packs with your branding. Contact us on
Yes. We accept bulk orders and reselling options. You can place bulk orders for restaurants, offices, gift packs for family and more. We are open to working closely for most custom orders/ deliveries subject to stock availability.