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About Us

About Us


AR4 is a family run Organic Fruits production and delivery company.  We grow and home deliver Chemical Free and Biodynamic mangoes/fruits during the season and other chemical free fruits, pulses, cold pressed oil across India and abroad in various countries. 




AR4Fresh  is a Chemical Free farm from the beginning in 2008. The farm is 68 KM from Hyderabad near Yadadri.

AR4 is a family run farm & the name comes from the first letters of the names of the complete family who actively participate in all the activities of farm & store. The show however is mainly run by Arifa Rafee the lady farmer/entrepreneur.


Arifa Rafee: 

Post graduate in literature, Network Engineer, Ex SBI Probationary officer, trained for entrepreneurship by IIM-Lucknow and trained for Biodynamic Farming methods by BKK farm. She has dedicated her time towards farm development after resigning her job to explore Agri-preneurship.  She is actively engaged in the day to day operation of farms, including preparation of organic fertilizers and pesticides on the farm. 

Our Farms: We have planted Himayat, Banginapally, Kesar, Dasheri, Mallika, Chinna Rasalu along with Alphonso.  We have Desi cows who help us in the preparation of organic fertilizers and pesticides.  For Past 4 years, we are into Bio-dynamic farming and plan to go for D-meter Certification.

Our Story:

After staying in the Middle East for a decade, we returned to our Motherland to start a dairy farm, but due to various reasons postponed the plan & eventually decided on Mango farming.  Understanding the difference between age old traditional methods & modern chemical agriculture, we realized that there was a niche for quality organic produce.  Nature has blessed us abundantly and what we required to do was to channelize the resources efficiently.

We are successfully growing 22 different varieties of Mangoes, the King of Fruits. We realized that farming with the best practices & producing highest quality mangoes was not sufficient to create a mark in the agricultural industry. In 2011, AR4 had to think and revolutionize the concept of reaching the customer directly through e-commerce platform with the motto “From our Farm to your Home”.  With a determination to bring the most delicious Mangoes to consumers, we are proud to have pioneered and to be the first to introduce high quality home delivered mangoes in united AP. 

Delivery:  We have had our challenges in distribution and our model demanded a reliable logistics partner.  Initially, the AR4 family also took to deliveries in Hyderabad which helped us connect with the customers directly. Eventually, we could convince couriers to carry mangoes across India, which was a huge challenge for perishables.  First to introduce home delivery across India from United Andhra, we have been awarded by the then CM for our innovative thinking in Agricultural entrepreneurship.

Exports:  We started exporting in 2013 to the Middle East and UK.  Owing to high demand for Indian mangoes in USA, we had planned to devise a path breaking home delivery model across the USA which was made possible in 2016 with our partnership with local importers who are equally passionate about mangoes as we are.  Our customers in the USA were delighted to receive farm fresh organic Banginapally & Himayat at their door step.

Expansion:  Rafee has resigned from Dy Gen Manager position in Idea Cellular to expand the business.  As per our customer demands we have included other fruits and groceries.  We have started procuring from neighbor states and from length and breadth of India where we are sure that the farmer methods are non-chemical and adhere to Organic methods.

AR4 Bio-Fresh: Throughout the years, the demand for AR4 Organic Mangoes has grown and so has our customer base to 9000+ customers.  Now we are AR4 Bio-Fresh as we have  included other organic fruits and pulses and spices.

We are humbled by the amazing support of our customers, farmers markets, dedicated partnerships with retailers & importers. We are excited to carry out the age-old traditions of agriculture and to be instrumental in training farmers, especially Mango growers in the area personally or remotely through technology.

AR4Fresh is a known brand in Organic Fruits & Groceries across India and abroad because of you. 

Thank you for all the support.