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Apple Juice

Apple Juice
Apple Juice
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  • Natural juice with no additives
  • No chemicals or sugars added
  • Healthy, Good shelf life, can be refrigerated.
  • Packed in eco friendly glass bottles
  • Each bottle has one litre
  • Delivery of next batch is every Tues/Wed
  • Being a natural product, delivery depends on availability and first come first serve basis.

Our refined-sugar-free apple juice recipe will help you make a refreshing beverage without any added sugar.

We did consider “sugar-free apple juice” as the title, but if only that was true. Fruits come with natural sugar, so there is no such thing as a sugar-free fruit juice.

Is Apple Juice Good for You?

Juicing fruits means you’re stripping away the insoluble fiber from the fruit, making sugar-free apple juice less nutritious than the whole fruit. But on the bright side, you’re left with a still-pretty-nutritious drink that’s more appealing.

A large majority of the nutrients in apple juice is vitamin C. This is an antioxidant that boosts your immune system’s performance and plays a vital role in the body as well.

Besides vitamin C, there are a large number of vitamins and minerals in the juice, in varying amounts.

Most importantly, you can’t adjust the taste of apples to your liking, but you can with the juice. It’ll be more likely for you to include the juice in your routine, hence getting a daily dose of vitamins from it.

This is important and needs to be said: overconsuming juice is much easier than overeating whole fruits. Think about it: you are likely to stop after one apple, but you can gulp down the juice yield of two with ease.

This is because when you eat, your stomach expands, which signals your brain to cause the sensation of fullness. This also happens with drinking liquid, but it’s digested much faster, which makes you want to drink more.

So, as you do drink, you’re consuming loads of sugar (in the fruit juice) while there’s nothing to stop you. This can result in blood sugar spikes, weight gain, and, in the long run, possibly obesity.

All of this can be prevented if you just drink moderately. Our refined-sugar-free apple juice recipe happens to have portions that are both moderate and super tasty without added sugar!

What Is the Difference Between Apple Juice and Apple Cider?

It’s clear what “apple juice” is, but how about “apple cider”? Hint: it’s not apple cider vinegar.

Cider is a type of soft alcohol that’s brewed from apples. Sources say other fruits are brewed to make cider as well, but the one from apples tastes best.

So, apple cider is shortened to “cider” on most bar menus.

Cider is typically 2.5%-13% absolute alcohol by volume, depending on the regulation of the country where it’s made. No matter the variation, cider is lighter than beer.

Unlike wine, which is also made from a fruit (grapes), cider has a large portion of apple juice. The beverage is, therefore, fragrant with apples and has a sweet note to it, making it favored by many.

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