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Seasonal Fruits

Seasonal Fruits

Exotic Fruits from across India.  Mangoes are grown in our farm.  We source other organic fruits from different farmers 

Apples              :  Mr. Negi from Kinnaur

Pineapples      :  Clover grower group from Manipur

Oranges          :    Nagpur

Strawberrys    :    Mahabaleshwar

Guava              :    Telangana

Pomegranate :    Ananthpur, Pune

Kiwi                  :    Manipur

Passion Fruit  :     Manipur

Connoisseurs of litchi may enjoy the choicest variety of the luscious fruit this season without having to step out of their homes amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  in between May 25 to June 15.  Sourced from SPNF farms of Paklthankot and the best variety of North India.Farmer is p..
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